Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Dancing Queen, a Warm Spell & Two-Year Pictures!

My Aunt recently passed away and this weekend my family and I attended her funeral. It was a beautiful service and my uncle and one of my cousins were able to get up in front of the whole congregation (?) and speak about what a wonderful woman she was. I am in awe and still can’t believe that they had the courage to get up and speak about their wife and mother without breaking down completely. My daughter loves my aunt, and talks about her all the time. She was a wonderful woman who gave her time, energy and friendship to a lot of people.
Throughout the last couple of weeks, when my aunt’s liver was failing and then after her death friends and family have been at my uncles house with baked goods, home-cooked meals, and lots of support for them. A neighbor of my grandma has some chickens and gifted my uncle with dozens of fresh and organic eggs from their farm. There were too many for him, and so he gave some away to family, and I was lucky to end up with a dozen fresh eggs, all different sizes, colors and shapes!

This morning it was cold out, but the sun came out after a while and I decided to scramble up some of those fresh eggs for breakfast. It was a peaceful morning as my daughter and I ate eggs with the sun shining in the windows! I thought about my aunt the whole time, and how good she was to my precious little girl and how much fun we had playing at her house with her, my uncle, their grandson and my cousins!

One of my aunt’s requests for her funeral was that one of her favorite songs be played, and so we all marched out of the funeral listening to Dancing Queen by ABBA! She was one spunky woman!

I live in Minnesota. Warm here is a relative term. It's been a cold and snowy winter but last week we had a couple warmer days, and this week we're expecting 40's all week and temperatures maybe even into the low 50's! This is very exciting in March. It's amazing how these slightly-warmer temperatures drive people outside after a long winter here in Minnesota. My hubby and I have been walking a lot, some days even when it's really cold just so we can get outside for a while.

Last week on a nicer day I. got some of her two-year pics taken outdoors! I have the cutest baby. I can't believe she's TWO! Here are some of my attempts to immortalize her in baby form so I don't have to come to grips with the reality that she's growing up so you can see just how adorable my offspring is!

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